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AL-NEW Aluminum Cleaner: About Us!

  • 2 min read

AL-NEW Aluminum Cleaner: About Us!

The AL-New Aluminum Restoration Solution has changed the restoration product market as we know it. This innovative invention has helped people everywhere to keep their aluminum and metal products looking new and shiny! Check out our awesome story of how AL-NEW came to be.

The Back Story

It all started in 2014 when the AL-NEW aluminum cleaner solution founder dealt with difficulties in restoring his weathered window frames. He searched for a product to do the job but quickly realized no such thing existed. It was at this moment he knew there needed to be a product that could help to save this fully functional aluminum material without replacing it! So he got to work and did some research to find a way to remove oxidation from the aluminum substrate. Using his knowledge of chemicals and 35 years of experience, he began to test new chemical formulations. The process took years, but eventually, he discovered the perfect formula that removed oxidation successfully.

Bringing the Product to Life

The next few years consisted of sharing AL-NEW with everyone he could think of to get the word out. He received tons of positive feedback as people learned how this could change the restoration product industry. The product continued to improve as more testing was done, and eventually hit the store shelves.

How it Works

Simply wipe any aluminum surface with AL-NEW restoration cleaner and watch the product return to its original state. Consistent reapplication will help to protect the surface from harsh weather and discoloration.

Ready to try AL-NEW restoration cleaning solution, the best restoration cleaner on the market? Visit alnew.com or call (262) 346-1570 to order yours today!