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How to Use the Blue Microfiber Sponge

1. Sponge should be damp, not saturated (too much liquid could cause a white film when dried)

2. Wet the sponge by pressing it to the open mouth of the bottle and inverting the bottle a few times in a few spots in a row on the edge of the sponge.  Squeeze the sponge to wring out extra liquid. 

3. Goal is to apply a thin coat of AL-NEW Protect (more product is not better here)

4. Use light pressure to apply

5. Slightly overlap your passes to avoid streaks or lap marks

6. On larger surfaces like tabletops or garage doors, use a circular motion with the sponge as you would when waxing a car to ensure the entire area is covered.

7. If streaks do occur, the Walnut Hand Pad in combo with Step 1 Clean can be reused to rework any areas and remove imperfections in the finish coat