Al-New Restores Original Finish of 45-year Old Storms

 "My 73-unit, historically designated condo building is restoring and painting exterior windows and surrounding woodwork. Al-New Aluminum Restoration Solution is giving the triple track aluminum storm windows a major and much-needed face-lift! The restored finish closely matches the new paint on wood surfaces. Very satisfied with both the product and customer service."


This Stuff Works

"Last year I spent a lot of time and effort trying to remove oxidation from my patio furniture. Vinegar and lemon, wax, windex, nothing would work until this stuff. I've cleaned up my entire outdoor furniture and fixtures using this stuff. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"


Amazing Product

"Amazing. This product saved my $5000, one year old door that my large breed puppies had totally scratched up. The door looks brand new!! Awesome."


Restore Dull Aluminum Patio Furniture

"We have very hot summers and my patio furniture bakes in the heat. Was debating getting new furniture but, with the high cost of patio furniture decided to give this product a try. Was very happy with the finished product. Make sure to wear gloves, mask and place furniture on drop cloth, wash your furniture first, let dry and I used a sponge to apply product. I used two coats. Patio furniture looks great! Wish I was a computer whiz or I would have uploaded before and after photos."



Aluminum Restoration Solution

$29.95 $34.95


Instantly Make Your Aluminum Surfaces Shine Like New!

  • Wipe it on and instantly remove years of aluminum oxidation.
  • It doesn't require pre-cleaning, stripping, or masking.
  • Use on garage doors, aluminum patio furniture, aluminum window frames, light fixtures, and much more!

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