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How to Use the Walnut Cleaning Pad

Critical Step for heavy oxidation:  Use the Walnut hand pad in addition to the towel  

Heavy layers of oxidation take years to develop, so a more robust solution is sometimes needed for full cleaning. Often patio tabletops show the most significant levels of white oxidation and need the walnut pad to get them clean.

1. The walnut hand pad is needed when you have heavy oxidation stains embedded in the metal. 

2. Use the walnut hand pad for a deeper level of clean not achieved with the microfiber towel alone.

3. Pads should be used on a surface still wet with Step 1 AL-NEW Clean.  Test the walnut hand pad in a small area before using on the entire object.

4. Dipping the walnut had pads in Step 1 AL-NEW Clean is a great technique to increase lubricity and improve the effectiveness of cleaning.

5. Agitate the surface with the walnut hand pad using light pressure, which will lift oxidation

6. Follow passes of your walnut pad with a wet microfiber towel to clean off oxidation

7. Continue use of the walnut hand pad until visible white oxidation has been cleaned

8. Allow the now clean surface to dry.

Get a Deeper Clean With the Walnut Cleaning Pads

The Walnut Pad offers a deeper level of clean when using AL-NEW products on your patio furniture and outdoor surfaces. Using light pressure, you can achieve amazing results with this scratch-resistant hand pad. The Walnut Pads are durable, non-toxic, and earth-friendly.