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Get Ready For Spring With The 2-Step Clean & Protect Kit!

  • 2 min read

Get Ready For Spring With The 2-Step Clean & Protect Kit!

Spring is closer than you think, which is why NOW is the perfect time to start planning for your spring cleaning! AL-NEW is proud to offer a variety of products to help restore and protect your aluminum and metal surfaces! Now is the time to get your hands on these products before spring sneaks up on you.

What is the AL-NEW 2-Step Clean & Protect Kit?

The AL-NEW 2-Step Clean & Protect Kit is the perfect product to renew patio furniture, lighting fixtures, fencing, garage doors, and window/door frames! If you're looking to improve your curb appeal, our 2-Step Kit will help to bring your exterior back to life!

How does the 2-Step Clean & Protect Kit work?

Our 2-Step Clean & Protect Kit works like magic! Simply wipe on our Step 1 Clean product to restore color, luster, and shine to any aluminum or metal surface with a microfiber cloth! Then, use Step 2 Protect to add a clear top coat, giving the surface resistance to rain and other inclement weather!

How can you order the 2-Step Clean & Protect Kit?

All AL-NEW products are available for purchase on our website, Amazon, Home Depot, and Walmart! Choose whichever location is most convenient for you, and be sure to check out our other products as well. We have numerous items available that are sure to help you with your spring cleaning!

The AL-NEW2-Step Clean & Protect Kit is an item that every householdneedsin their cleaning collection. Not only does this solution have endless uses, but it is also on sale for a great price at just $59.95! Get your AL-NEW 2-Step Clean & Protect Kit today!