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How To Refresh Your Window Frames & Outdoor Fixtures

  • 1 min read

How To Refresh Your Window Frames & Outdoor Fixtures

We don’t talk enough about small exterior details that can make a big difference in improving your curb appeal. While AL-NEW is great at revamping large area surfaces such as garage doors and patio furniture, it can also be beneficial for smaller details, such as window frames and outdoor fixtures. 

Window Frames & Outdoor Fixtures

Window frames and fixtures often get forgotten about and are rarely cleaned. When you use the AL-NEW 2-Step Clean & Protect Kit, you will be taking steps to refresh and protect your window frames and outdoor fixtures. Improving these minor details will significantly improve your curb appeal more than you might think, and it’s super easy to do!

Quick & Easy Application of AL-NEW 

AL-NEW products works like magic. The Step 1 Clean product removes chalky oxidation, instantly reviving the surfaces for a cleaner and newer look. You can easily apply with a microfiber towel and begin to wipe down any metal or aluminum structure. Finish with a clean top coat of the Step 2 Protect product to give it resistance to rain and the elements. 

Our customers rave about how easy and effective AL-NEW is to use. Clean and restore your outdoor window frames with our window frame restoration solution using our new 2-Step Clean & Protect Kit!