Commercial 2-Step Cleaner & Sealer

al-new 2 step aluminum cleaner and enhanced surface sealer

AL-NEW’s Aluminum Restoration Cleaning Solution and Enhanced Surface Sealer is perfect for commercial applications because of the product’s versatility with a multitude of aluminum and anodized surfaces. Make your store fronts, windows, doors, and signage look brand new for a fraction of the cost, and less time than you’d imagine. Our 2-Step Anodized Aluminum Cleaner and Enhanced Surface Sealer is multipurpose and can be used on aluminum and other painted metals. It is great for use on outdoor metal surfaces around your home or business.




Step 1: Use AL-NEW Aluminum Restoration Solution to Clean & Restore Your Oxidized Aluminum Surfaces


al-new anodized aluminum cleaner


The Anodized Aluminum Cleaner is the first step towards renewing, restoring, and cleaning your aluminum surfaces. Return them to their original shine and luster with our simple application process.

Just wipe on with a microfiber cloth. Once dried, the product leaves a coating of corrosion protection. Astounding results are achieved with a single wipe, instantly restoring color, shine, and luster to previously faded aluminum surfaces. All you have to do is wipe on and you're done with step one.





Step 2: Seal & Protect Your Surfaces With AL-NEW Enhanced Surface Sealer


step 2 enhanced surface sealer


The Enhanced Surface Sealer is the second step in sealing and protecting your anodized aluminum surfaces. After using AL-NEW Aluminum Restoration Solution to remove chalky oxidation on painted aluminum, anodized aluminum, and fiberglass surfaces impacted by heat and UV, use the Enhanced Surface Sealer to extend the luster.

With just a single wipe, you can instantly seal the look and luster of your previously faded aluminum surfaces. The Enhanced Surface Sealer gives your aluminum surfaces an elevated, glossy appearance.




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