How to clean a dirty garage door. Apply AL-NEW aluminum restoration solution with a microfiber cloth.

“Easy as pie!”

“Loved how easy it was to apply. I simply rinsed my garage doors, let them dry and rubbed the product on. I only needed a few tablespoons per door. Now I'm looking around my house trying to find other faded things!”

-Tammara W.

"Works beyond advertised, results and photos speak for themselves"

"I have a garage door that was getting dull, and starting to chalk from the oxidation. Someone told me to check this out and I took the $35 risk. It was easy to apply and easy to buff to a shine. Very satisfied and have more than enough to address my windows this fall and some outdoor furniture before I store for the winter.”

-Jeremy F.

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Alternative to replacing a garage door. Restore and renew garage doors with AL-NEW aluminum restoration solution.

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