Before and after photos of how to clean outdoor lights and lighting fixtures.

"Just wipe it on and it looks new again!"

"Super easy to use, wipe on and it took the oxidation off. On super chalky areas simply flip the rag to a clean area and go over again and the surface looks great. No prep, no fuss."
-Will P.


Outdoor lighting fixtures take a beating throughout the year. Sun, rain, snow, ice; they get the worst of it and rarely get any TLC. But a little care and maintenance is all they need. Simply wipe the sun-beaten surface clean with AL-NEW and keep them looking like new year-round. 

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AL-NEW Size Guide

AL-NEW's 16 ounce bottle coverage chart for cleaning garage doors, cleaning window frames, and cleaning entry doors and chalky metal surfaces.AL NEW 32 ounce bottle can cover 2 two car garage doors, cleans 70 average sized window frames, and cleans 4 entry doors.