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Instructions For Use Of Product

  • Surface Preparation: Limited pre-cleaning is required prior to use. Excess dirt, oxidation and moisture should be removed from the targeted surface to extend the coverage area of the product and limit buildup on the microfiber applicator.

  • Application Method: Aluminum Restoration Solution is applied with a standard microfiber towel. Wet a section of the microfiber towel with Aluminum Restoration Solution at minimum 1” in diameter and wipe on the surface to be treated.

  • Application Tips: Best results are achieved by wiping with the microfiber towel in either a lateral or up and down motion with strokes that slightly overlap. No scrubbing is required. Allow the product to do the work. Monitor the microfiber towel for residue buildup. When the towel is loaded with residue, rotate to a clean section of the towel, reapply liquid, and resume cleaning. To minimize streaking on large surface areas, a clean and dry microfiber towel can be used immediately after liquid application to optimize the finished appearance.
  • Ideal application conditions: Aluminum Restoration Solution should be applied when outside temperatures are between 50°F and 105°F. Application can be done when surface is in direct sunlight which will accelerate the drying time.

  • Reapplication: Aluminum Restoration Solution is formulated to allow the product to be reapplied to a treated surface with no need to strip a previous application. Coverage is enhanced with subsequent applications without buildup of the product. A second application is recommended for longer lasting results after the initial coat is cured. Product has cured when the surface is dry to touch in generally under 1 hour.

  • Contact with unintended surface: Simply wipe off with a dry microfiber cloth.

  • Storage: Aluminum Restoration Solution should be stored at room temperature with lid tightly closed when not in use.

  • Safety precautions: Protective eyeglasses and chemical resistant gloves should be worn during application as a general safety precaution. Aluminum Restoration Solution should be applied in a well-ventilated outdoor setting. Keep away from flames or sparks. Keep out of the reach of children. Read all safety warnings on the bottle label prior to use of the product.

  • Disposal: Used microfiber applicators should be placed in a location out of the reach of children and allowed to dry completely prior to being discarded.