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Aluminum Restoration & Oxidation Remover | Al-New

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Aluminum Restoration & Oxidation Remover | Al-New

We received this email from a satisfied customer telling us about his experience with cleaning his 17-year-old garage door win Al-New:


I was ready to paint my garage door because it has become dull and faded. I'm glad we met because you were able to save me a lot of time and money. I didn't have to prime and paint my garage door. Plus, I didn't have to spend any more time looking for a color match, which is not an easy task.

The product that you used was great; I could really tell the difference right away. The color and shine came back, it was amazing. Thank you again for bringing back the color of my garage door.

~Steve Schafer


When we met Steve, his chocolate brown garage door was faded and heavily coated with chalky oxidation.  Steve had tried other solutions that just had not restored the garage door to the look he wanted, and he was ready to resort to having to clean, prime and paint the door just to get it looking good again. The trouble was, trying to match the original color was no easy task, and he had been to several different paint stores trying to find the right color so the door would still match his home. Replacing the door would be costly and unnecessary since the problems were only cosmetic.

With no cleaning or prepping, we were able to show Steve how he could make his aluminum door shine like new again with Al-New, the best oxidation remover and aluminum restoration solution on the market.  We applied Al-New to a soft microfiber cloth, wiped it on the chalky door and the result was immediate.  The oxidation was removed instantly, revealing the original color of the door, saving Steve time and money. The results were so spectacular that Steve remarked that the door looked like new again! Saving Steve time and money means that he could pursue his true passion, restoring collector automobiles.

Al-New is the best oxidation remover available for faded, chalky garage doors.  Try some today!