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Why Replace Aluminum Window Frames When You Can Renew with AL-NEW?

  • 2 min read

Why Replace Aluminum Window Frames When You Can Renew with AL-NEW?

Anodized aluminum window frames are commonly found on both residential and commercial buildings.
Aluminum frames are durable, eco-friendly and offer the benefits of thermal performance, preventing
the elements outside getting in and vice versa. For all these reasons and the fact that aluminum
windows are customizable to any size make them a popular choice in the United States.

However, when hit repeatedly with the sun’s rays, they can take on a chalky look from the oxidation of
the aluminum. This makes your otherwise good-looking building appear drab and run down!

Replacing frames is costly and unnecessary, as AL-NEW is an aluminum restoration solution that clean
and restore the luster to aluminum frames with one simple application. Forget about sanding, steel wool
or two or three-step solutions, with AL-NEW all you need is a soft microfiber cloth and wipe on to reveal
the original color and sheen of the metal.

We applied AL-NEW to these aluminum window frames on a local hotel to show the difference. The
hotel had some major fading and oxidation on the frames from the windows that had direct sun
exposure most of the day. Over the course of 18 months, we visited the building to see how the
application held up under all the weather conditions that Wisconsin can throw at us!

You’ll see that the original windows had a faded, gray and almost milky appearance on the aluminum
trim. That’s the result of oxidation from exposure to the sun and a chemical reaction between the
aluminum and the air. Over the corresponding 18 months the aluminum that was treated with AL-NEW
held its color and tone, with no further signs of oxidation.

Before you spend thousands replacing aluminum frames that are unsightly but still in good shape, try
AL-NEW! No prep is needed on the surface of the frame. Forget about scrubbing or rinsing, simply apply
al new cleaning and restoration solution on a soft cloth and wipe away the tired-looking chalky residue
to approve your building’s curb appearance.