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How To Use AL-NEW On Your Storefront

  • 1 min read

How To Use AL-NEW On Your Storefront

If you’re a store owner, you know that your storefront must be maintained at all times to draw in the most customers. An appealing storefront shows that you put time and thought into keeping a tidy business. Plus, nobody likes shopping at an old, neglected store! AL-NEW is the perfect tool for revamping your storefront so that you can gain more customers.

What is AL-NEW Restoration Cleaner?

AL-NEW Restoration Cleaner is a solution that removes any wear and tear from metal surfaces. Any painted aluminum or anodized aluminum surfaces damaged by heat or UV rays can benefit from AL-NEW. Simply wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth and the surface will instantly restore its original shine and luster!

Why should I try AL-NEW?

Our product is easy to use and customer satisfaction is guaranteed! We offer a 30-day refund guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your purchase. However, we pride ourselves on the success of our cleaner and think you will be pleased with the results! Our product is highly recommended by our current customers.

What can AL-NEW be used on?

AL-NEW can be used on any aluminum surface to remove oxidation instantly! If your storefront is in need of a little revamping, you might consider using it on:

  • Metal signage
  • Door frames
  • Door handles
  • Window frames

Ready to try the best aluminum restoration cleaner on the market? We’re excited to help improve your storefront!