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What Is Oxidation and What Causes It?

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What Is Oxidation and What Causes It?

Oxidation is a common problem with metals. As they age, they chemically combine with oxygen, resulting in a loss of shine and luster. So, what exactly is oxidation? Where might you find it in your house? Keep reading to find out more information on oxidation!

What is oxidation and what causes it?

Oxidation is a chemical reaction that causes electrons to move. It occurs when a substance loses electrons due to a chemical reaction. An example of oxidation is when iron and oxygen combine and form rust. Many metals oxidize over time such as aluminum, iron, copper, and stainless steel.

What household surfaces might have oxidation?

Window frames, patio furniture, garage doors, metal signage, and outdoor decor are just a few examples of surfaces that may have oxidation.

How AL-NEW solves the problem

AL-NEW is a restoration cleaner for household metals that removes oxidation instantly! It’s easy and quick to use. Simply wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth and the solution and see instant results! Consistent reapplication will guarantee you get the best results.

Do you have household metals that need to be restored? Give the best restoration cleaning solution on the market a try! Plus, we offer a 30-day guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your results. Purchase your first bottle of AL-NEW restoration cleaning solution by calling 1 (262) 346-1570 today!