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It’s Not Too Good To Be True, It’s AL-NEW

  • 2 min read

It’s Not Too Good To Be True, It’s AL-NEW

Think about the last time you had a seemingly complicated problem for which you were struggling to find a solution. You thought about and reviewed some options, thinking that the only viable solution required a big investment of your time, energy, and money. Thankfully, sometimes all it takes to find a simple and cost-effective solution for a problem is to look at it with a fresh set of eyes, or get solicit help from a friend or loved one.

Take it from Mark, who was trying to find a solution for cleaning and restoring his outdoor patio furniture. Living in Nevada, his patio furniture baked in the hot sun for almost 7 years. Mark, thinking he would need to commit a lot of time and energy to sanding and repainting the furniture, didn’t realize there was a quicker and more cost-effective solution out there. That solution was AL-NEW Aluminum Restoration solution. Before he decided that sanding and repainting was the best solution, his wife had done some searching on the internet and found out about AL-NEW. Even though Mark had initially thought that it sounded too good to be true, after weighing out the options, Mark decided to give AL-NEW a try.

Mark applied the AL-NEW Aluminum Restoration solution to his patio furniture, and commented that after the first application, it looked fantastic. AL-NEW had removed the chalky residue that had built up over the years and was dulling the patio furniture’s appearance. Mark was shocked at how easy it was to apply, and how immediate the results were. He applied the solution using a sponge, allowed his first coat to dry, and applied a second coat since he had plenty of the solution left. With AL-NEW, a little bit goes a long way. Mark was able to clean and restore his entire outdoor patio furniture set that included two chairs, a loveseat, and a coffee table with two coats of AL-NEW Aluminum Restoration Solution.

He admitted that he was skeptical about the product at first. Thinking that his best option for restoring his patio furniture to its original luster and shine was through sanding and repainting, he originally thought that AL-NEW Aluminum Restoration was too good to be true. We’re happy to say that our product proved his initial thought wrong, and that AL-NEW gave Mark the amazing results that he was looking for in cleaning and restoring his outdoor patio furniture set.