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Resort & Hotel Owners: Spruce It Up Before Vacationers Settle Down

  • 2 min read

Resort & Hotel Owners: Spruce It Up Before Vacationers Settle Down

Winter is upon us and that means people from around the world are planning for their next vacation and counting down the days. And for resorts or hotels located in the warm, southern states, now is the time to prepare for the influx of vacationers that are on their way. It’s the perfect time to take care of those maintenance projects, renovations, and cleaning priorities that need to be addressed. After you’ve taken note of all of the projects you want to accomplish, the next step is to get the tools you need and look at your budget. If replacing or renewing your outdoor furniture or metal surfaces is at the top of your list, we’ll tell you why and how you can renew versus replace.

Particularly for resorts or hotels located in warm, sunny climates, we know the toll that elevated temperature levels and exposure to the sun can take on your outdoor amenities. If you’ve got outdoor furniture or aluminum surfaces on your property that need to stand up to the elements, try using the AL-NEW Aluminum Restoration Solution to bring them back to their original shine. AL-NEW is perfect for restoring light poles and fixtures, benches and outdoor furniture, railings, and hundreds of other aluminum or anodized metal surfaces to their original luster. 

All you need to renew your outdoor amenities is the appropriate number of bottles of AL-NEW Aluminum Restoration Solution (depending on the scope of your project) and a microfiber towel for application. Just wipe on to remove oxidation and enjoy the coating of corrosion protection the solution leaves behind. Save costs, impress your guests, and lengthen the lifecycle of your outdoor amenities.