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The Benefits of Consistent AL-NEW Application

  • 1 min read

The Benefits of Consistent AL-NEW Application

AL-NEW Aluminum Cleaner is a protective coating that can be applied to most metal and aluminum surfaces. It works great on patio furniture, window frames, door handles, and garage doors! Our amazing cleaning solution also removes oxidation from surfaces, restoring their original shine! So, what are the benefits of applying AL-NEW consistently? Check it out!

Don’t be a handyman

Reapplying AL-NEW regularly protects the surface from inclement weather. This means the sun won’t do any damage! AL-NEW also protects surfaces from oxidation. Using AL-NEW consistently means that you don’t have to fix anything in the future! Your aluminum and metal objects will keep their luster and stay intact.

Save money

If you let your patio furniture sit out all year without any attempt to protect it, the weather will damage it, sometimes beyond repairable. Replacing items just because they weren’t protected correctly is a waste of money! AL-NEW Aluminum Cleaner will repel water and protect surfaces from harsh weather, so your furniture will last a long time!

Ready to take the leap and give AL-NEW Aluminum Cleaner a try? AL-NEW is risk-free with a 30-day refund if you are unsatisfied. We guarantee you will love our product just as much as we do. AL-NEW is available for purchase on our website, or call (262) 346-1570.